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Now in version 2022, the industry's foremost 3D solar software simulation program offers the most detailed configuration and shade analysis for PV systems. With PV*SOL premium you can position and size 3D objects to accurately determine the effects on photovoltaic performance of shading from nearby objects.

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Shading analysis with 3D modelling

PV*SOL premium contains all the features of PV*SOL with the addition of detailed 3D modelling. Compare the two different PV*SOL versions on our comparison page 'Which PV*SOL is for me?'

PV*SOL 2022 summary of features

PV*SOL premium contains all the features of the non-premium PV*SOL version and additionally has:

  • 3D shading animation
  • Module coverage on multiple surfaces with millimetre precision
  • Module appearance such as cell and frame colour can be altered
  • 3D images into client reports
  • Creates 3D buildings and objects based on imported floor maps and plan drawings
  • Copy 3D buildings with all features and inverter configurations
  • Create 3D polygon regular and irregular structures
  • Import 3D files
  • Subdivide strings to create Polystrings
  • Automatic and adjustable save function
  • 64 bit in 2D for much faster processing
  • Meteonorm V8, PVGIS and Solcast climate files
  • Direct import of PAN files & PVGIS horizon terrains
  • Automatic configuration for SolarEdge products
  • Visualization of the roof structure by displaying rafters and battens
  • 3D visualization dimensioning exportable as (*.dxf, *.xml, *.pdf, *.png) to most CAD programs
  • Custom textures applied to building surfaces including own images
  • Selection of shading and feature objects such as thermal flat and tube collectors, windows, chimneys and vents, facade windows and doors

Download a free trial of this solar pv system design software from the link above.

** All screenshots on this page are additional those in PV*SOL 2D version **

Presentation reports

pvsol report page

PV*SOL premium reports can include 3D image images

You can see the outputs of PV*SOL premium in project report form, either for a domestic or commercial system.

Roof object view

A wide variety of customisable 3D objects can be placed on roofs to anticipate their shading and module placement.

pvsol object view

Create polygon and irregular building shapes

As well as simple 3D rectangular buildings, it is now possible to customise building shapes and add textures to all facades, roofs and ground terrains.

pvsol 3d polygons

3D Configuration

Simple and flexible reconfiguration of arrays by click-and-drag or menu tools

pvsol horizontal configuration pvsol vertical configuration pvsol stripe configuration

Cable Plan

For roof-parallel arrays, Cable Plan allows automatic and manual on-screen cabling with a cable-cutting list with lengths and diameters. Cable routes are in sympathy with the chosen inverter configuration.

pvsol premium cable plan

Import base map and building footprints

Import images from sites such as Google Earth and use them to dimension your project

pvsol 3d map import

Import 3D models

Import 3D images from drone flights or CAD programs

pvsol 3d model import