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Which PV*SOL is for me?

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The tables below give a quick overview of the key differences in features between the two PV*SOL programs.

Content PV*SOL premium 2021 PV*SOL 2021
8,000 climate locations worldwide
Interactive map for selection of climate data
Creation of new climate locations by interpolation
Add custom climate from own monthly data
Shareable online or offline database
Database > 11,000+ modules, 3,400+ inverters, 650+ batteries
Automatic database updates with Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)
Manually add custom modules and inverters
Grid-connected systems
On-grid battery storage
Multiple groups electric car charging with each day different
On screen languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech & Polish
Automatic & manual inverter configuration
Off-grid systems with AC generators
Hourly and minute simulations
Adjustable Autosave  

Design PV*SOL premium 2021 PV*SOL 2021
Design 2D systems up to 100,000 modules per array
Unlimited 2D sub-arrays
Calculation and losses parameters
Define electricity consumption
Template selection & custom import of consumption load profiles
Proposal of minimum cable sizes according to energy losses
2D roof visualisation
Specify percentage shading of solar radiation
Customisable 2D horizon
Import digital horizon files
2D polygon roof shapes
PhotoPlan design of roof
Plan module spacing in 2D
Physical vertical and horizontal trackers
Subdivide strings into polystrings
Simulation of bifacial modules for mounted PV systems
Simulate DC-DC power optimisers
Installation type Floating PV
Simulation of appliances with surplus PV energy consumption
Integration of DHW and space heating with a thermal profile
Import of sub-year load profiles
Bundled climate files using Meteonorm 7.3
Automatic DC array cabling  
Design 3D systems up to 7,500 modules mounted, 10,000 roof-parallel  

3D Design PV*SOL premium 2021 PV*SOL 2021
3D visualization of buildings and shading objects  
Rotate land area with objects  
Drag-and-drop shading objects  
Animated sun-path  
Shade frequency distribution  
Detailed shade analysis for each individual module  
Rafter and spacing layout  
Map or floor plan import for 3D layout  
Custom textures for terrain  
3D landscape visualisation  
3D polygon buildings  
Copying of object groups including all structures and configurations  
Duplication of objects by specifying number and seperation  
Import 3D files such as OBJ and X  

Results PV*SOL premium 2021 PV*SOL 2021
Exportable auto-generated parts list
System check for sizing errors
Yield and Rate-of-Return calculations
Exportable system design (*.SVG, *.PDF, *.PNG) with custom safety devices
Customisable presentation reports for customers
Export hourly or minute results as CSV files
Economic analysis
Customisable load profiles & tariffs
UK adaptation of load profiles & tariffs
Financial calculation includes taxation
Financial calculation includes multiple loans
Exponential, multi-point or linear degradation
Table of cashflow balances
Graphic display of IV and PV characteristics
3D screenshots of building & array