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Upcoming Software Webinars

The Solar Design Company offers FREE introductory webinars to PV*SOL, T*SOL, GeoT*SOL, ETurnity and Kesa aladin simulation software. These are an interactive way to see our technical team walk through the key aspects of the program and to ask your questions. To join, either click on the links in the table below under 'Registration' or Contact Us telling us which webinar interests you.

Software Date Time Registration
Valentin Software PV*SOL Thursday 14th December 2023 12:00h GMT Email to join
Valentin Software GeoT*SOL & T*SOL Thursday 14th December 2023 14:00h GMT Email to join
PIXPRO Thursday 14th December 2023 10:00h GMT Email to join
Kesa aladin By arrangement By arrangement Email to arrange a one-to-one demo
pvDesign By arrangement By arrangement Email to arrange a one-to-one demo
Eturnity 23rd January 2024 10:00h GMT or 14:00h GMT Email to join


Our webinars allow you to listen live to a presentation and ask questions using text chat. Click on the link in the registration column of the above table to join. You will enjoy the experience more if you have already downloaded a trial version for free.

If you are interested in attending a webinar but are unable to make these dates, please sign up to our E-newsletter for further dates.

If you would prefer to have one-to-one live tuition with microphones enabled, please contact us about our training.

An overview of PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium

PVSOL Training Courses UK

Lasting around 50 minutes, this will help identify the main differences between 3D PV*SOL premium and 2D PV*SOL programs. A project will be designed in real time, showing the configuration process and the expected results.

An overview of T*SOL & GeoT*SOL

Lasting around 40 minutes, this session illustrates the key difference between T*SOL (for solar thermal) and GeoT*SOL (for heat pumps). Each program can show both technologies and the presentation will show a typical design process with each, T*SOL being the larger program.

An overview of Kesa aladin

Lasting around 20 minutes, this will show a design process to EN 13384 for a chimney with a single appliance.

An overview of pvDesign

Lasting around 30 minutes, this is a private one-to-one online meeting arranged at a mutually agreed time to view the SaaS platform

E-Turnity Webinar - Digital platforms to improve your solar PV sales - An Introduction.

The audience for solar PV is increasingly knowledgable and online, expecting quick and detailed responses. This webinar will illustrate one of the quickest ways to enhance your company's sale processes. Make use of a ready-to-go template to enhance your website and back-end sales management. The event will be lead by Christopher Laughton MD of The Solar Design and Training Company, joined by Pascal Wirth Business Development Manager at Eturnity AG.