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Simulate solar thermal systems with T*SOL

T*SOL is the professional simulation program for the design and planning of solar thermal systems. Simulate temperatures and energy performance across a year down to a 6-minute resolution with a wide range of systems and components.

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energy label rating

T*SOL 2023 summary of features:

  • Optimisation of variables using one or two parameters with self-defined step sizes
  • Comparison between up to 6 variants now easier with on-screen table
  • Preparation of Energy Label to EU 2010/30/EU for domestic hot water and space heating
  • Detailed results now included into the presentation
  • Process heat system with heat distribution network up to six consumers
  • Updated equipment database
  • User defined hourly hot water consumption
  • Wide range of collector brands and option to add custom collectors
  • Multiple result output options down to 6 minute resolution
  • The full database of climate files, plus the option to add custom data
  • Fully customisable customer reports
  • Detailed 2D shading for manual and digital import
  • Metric or USA units
  • 5 design and 13 project report output languages
  • Over 70 system generic layouts including East/West collector fields and air collectors
  • Customisable storage tanks can be saved in the database


T*SOL 2023 includes the PhotoPlan option. With just a photo of the roof and a few reference dimensions, you can create a realistic representation of the property as it would look with installed collectors. These can be included in customer reports and offer a useful tool for the design process in deciding where panels should best be placed.

Mixtures of PV and solar thermal images can be imported, combined with Velux roof windows and multiple roof tile forms and colours.

PhotoPlan before and after

Presentation reports

T*SOL 2023 enables definition of outputs, costs, performance indicators and CO2 fuel savings for a wide range of variables and optimise solar thermal performance.

Client reports and on-screen presentations are fully customisable in MS Word. The Summary Report produces precise graphical representations of solar fraction, collector temperature and heat transfer, while a full detailed report shows all data and variables. Reports can also be saved as PDFs.

Download example T*SOL report (NB: 25Mb)

presentation report output

Parameter variation

Up to 20 automatic simulations for two parameters can be performed (i.e. 400 total simulations) and the results shown as a chart of table for export to a spreadsheet. The optional results include: Efficiency, Solar Fraction, Yield and Supplementary Energy.

parameter variation

Financial analysis

Tabular and graphical financial analysis of system performance is possible. Annual cashflow results can exported to a spreadsheet, and the program includes Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) and energy subsidies (both fixed and per kWh) with inflation factors.

financial analysis

Swimming Pool

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swimming pool model

Large systems

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large system model

Multiple dwelling and district heat network options

district heating model

Climate data

T*SOL 2023 comes with Meteonorm version 8.1 climate data software. This comes pre-loaded with over 2000 global climate data locations and allows you to add custom climate data into your database as required.

Meteosyn climate data import