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Adaption of T*SOL to your country's typical setting

T*SOL can quickly produce results as soon as it is opened for the first time. For improved accuracy, detailed adjustments should be made to the parameters to suit each individual project in its specific country. T*SOL allows you to make over 50 adjustments, even for simple layouts. During initial analysis, many parameters can be left in their default setting or can alternatively be repeated from the previous project. Adapting more complex systems requires practice and experience in order to best adjust the values. Our training can help to familiarise you with how best to make these adjustments.

T*SOL allows some values to be saved as default values by going to Menu > Options. However, not all values can be saved as default and must instead be either re-entered, or adjusted by reopening your last project and going to 'Save As'. Once a project is open, multiple variants of a system can be created in order to compare outputs for different permutations. The project tree allows you to quickly copy and paste all variant characteristics.

T*SOL's default settings are best changed to match typical values expected for each country. This is in addition to selecting the correct climate. A suggested list of variables requiring alteration is shown below: these should at least be considered for simple systems, but become increasingly important when modelling more complex projects. Whatever values are used, we recommend that all input values are recorded to support simulation reports where requested.