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Model the performance of heat pump systems with Geo*SOL

The professional, easy-to-use program for modelling and comparing heat pump systems. GeoT*SOL is the ideal choice for installers and engineers who need to simulate the performance of heat pump systems quickly and easily.

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GeoT*SOL Basic

With GeoT*SOL 2024 you can:

  • Choose from a variety of system types and components
  • Borehole, horizontal (slinky), water-source and air-source
  • Including bivalent systems
  • Calculate energy usage, peak power extraction and analyse finances
  • Optimise systems by targeting the highest possible SPF
  • Integrate a solar hot water system with your system
  • Produce a project report with clear presentation of data and graphics
  • Simulate with photovoltaics to determine how much PV energy contributes
  • Optimization of PV energy self-consumption by optionally increasing and/or decreasing the storage temperature
  • Creation of user-defined diagrams in different temporal resolutions. Up to eight data series can be selected in one diagram
  • Calculation of the heating load via building type, year of construction and renovation status or via the annual consumption by entering the energy source, heat generator and consumption. The underlying data is based on the IEE project TABULA.

This software uses extensive icons to select options and change variables. It can simulate both ground source (borehole and slinky), water and air source heat pump systems. For ground source heat pump systems, GeoT*SOL calculates the required number and depth of bore holes.

GeoT*SOL Basic

GeoT*SOL also evaluates economic efficiency by calculating the ratio of heat price to anticipated service life. Professional reports are produced for customers.

GeoT*SOL Basic

GeoT*SOL results diagram has multiple selections.

GeoT*SOL Basic

GeoT*SOL results diagram has multiple observation periods down each hour in one day .

GeoT*SOL Basic

GeoT*SOL results diagram has multiple observation periods over the year.

GeoT*SOL Basic

With the included Meteosyn module, users can choose from thousands of worldwide climate data locations or create/import your own.

The dynamic simulation within the programme utilises parameters such as electricity energy consumption of components, losses from storage tanks and pipes, heating and hot water demand amongst many more to accurately model the performance of your system.

GeoT*SOL makes its calculations using recent research from ISE Freiburg and several manufacturers who have provided their database information. References are made to the following standards:

  • EN 14825
  • EN 15316-4-2
  • EN 15450
  • EN 14511
  • EN 255-3
  • EN 12977-3
  • EN 4108-6
  • EN 12828
  • EN 12831
  • DIN 18599-1
  • VDI 4650
  • VDI 4640
  • ISO 9488

GeoT*SOL 2024

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