Survey Tools

Specialised tools are often needed on sites to provide software input data of sufficient quality.

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PV*SOL training

A sunpath indicator which offers an aid to the MCS shading method. With our exclusive MCS-aid transparent acetate foil, the Solar Site Selector helps to analyse and minimise shading.


A tripod bracket that allows cameras with a threaded mount to acquire a panorama landscape. Use with HorizON software (separate purchase) to then create digital horizon automatically overlaid with sunpaths. The resulting skyline can be exported to simulation software such as PV*SOL & T*SOL.

Suunto Tandem

The Suunto PM-5 and Tandem are rugged and durable inclinometers for measuring roof pitch angles safely from either the ground or loft. They are especially useful for situations where it is impractical or perhaps impossible to gain access to the roof to measure the pitch.

Suunto MC-2 Global Pro Compass

The Suunto MC-2 Global Pro Compass is a top of the range compass with built-in inclinometer, useful for calculating azimuths and plotting sun-path diagrams. It can also be used to measure the slopes of roofs and the dimensions of shading objects. It requires no batteries and is easy to use.

Fisco Solatronic EN 17 Inclinometer

The Fisco Solatronic EN 17 Inclinometer is a useful instrument for measuring angles and gradients.

Small, sturdy and easy to use, this inclinometer provides highly accurate measurements for precise calculations of system capabilities.