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Design utility-scale photovoltaic plants with pvDesign

The complete software solution for planning, designing, optimising and engineering ground-mounted utility-scale photovoltaic plants.

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pvDesign is created by RatedPower a highly innovative and award-winning Spanish company. The program optimises the study, analysis, design, and engineering of large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic plants throughout all stages of development.



pvDesign incorporates available data regarding topography, meteorology, horizon profile, and surface albedo. You also have the option to upload your own site information.


pvDesign covers the entire design process of utility-scale solar projects over 1 MW, while recommending optimal input values at each step of the process. pvDesign automatically populates the defined site with structures, calculates the length of the needed cables while optimising the position of roads and power stations and sizing the interconnection facility for your project.



By scanning millions of iterations, pvDesign provides the best layout to maximize the capacity you can fit on site, whilst minimising cable and road lengths. Adjust your configuration as many times as needed to reach the optimum desired design.


For every design created with pvDesign, extensive engineering documentation will be generated in an editable format. Documentation is available to download in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Italian as well as in metric and imperial units.

Project documentation that can be generated includes:

  • Design, Energy Yield and Interconnection Facility Reports, downloadable in PDF and Word format.
  • Project Sheet, Bill of Quantities, Energy Yield Results, Listing of Cables, and Listing of Posts, downloadable in Excel format.
  • General Layout and Terrain Slopes, downloadable in PDF, CAD and KML format.
  • MV, LV and Interconnection Facility SLDs as well as Interconnection Facility Layout, downloadable in PDF and CAD format.
  • Topography Analysis, downloadable in CAD format.
  • Structure Profiles, downloadable in ZIP format.

Information and Resources

Free Guided one-to one online tour YouTube videos on pvDesign
  • Software Updates - As pvDesign is cloud-based, it is automatically updated, and any new features and software improvements will become available in real time as they are released.
  • System Requirements - pvDesign is a Software as a Service, so there is no need to download and install any program. Only a good quality internet connection is required with a web browser.
  • Interface Languages - English or Spanish
  • Prices

    pvDesign’s plans are accessible via an annual subscription. All subscriptions include unlimited designs per project and unlimited users per plan. Plans are available to suit businesses of all sizes and include Basic, Professional and Enterprise options. The pricing plan is dependent on the number of projects to be studied using pvDesign.

    For futher information on pricing and arranging an assisted tour of the platform please get in touch.

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