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Software Maintenance Agreement

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)

The Valentin Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is an annual fee that ensures you will always be working with the latest version of programs such as PV*SOL, T*SOL & GeoT*SOL & all versions of Kesa aladin. It offers access to regular automatic database updates and means that free updates to new program versions will be sent to you as they are released.

What are the advantages of having the SMA?

  • You get regular internet updates to your databases as they occur including modules, collectors, inverters, flues, boilers, etc.
  • You get regular internet updates of new features for your programs as they occur.
  • It's an easier way to manage the update process especially with multiple licence holdings.
  • Without a SMA it's possible that your designs may be out of date without you realising it.

What are the details?

  • For Valentin-Software the SMA costs around 18% of the advertised list price of the software typically paid once a year shown in the box below.
  • For Kesa aladin it is a flat-rate for all programs @ EUR 248- (or your currency equivalent) per annum.
  • Non-regular SMA purchases are always backdated to the last expiry date.
  • New licences or updates of all Valentin-Software automatically comes with 6 months SMA.
  • New licences or updates of all Kesa aladin automatically comes with 12 months SMA.
  • The regular SMA renewal is only available for the current program versions.

What if I don't have the current version of the software?

Any customer who does not have the latest version of the software possibly has no SMA in place. So either a back-dated SMA or a program update will be first needed. Prices for these are available on request.

Please note:

Legacy programs that were purchased over three years ago are usually no longer economic for back-dating a SMA so an update will be offered instead.

So how do I buy the SMA?

Please contact us at The Solar Design Company and we will send you a Proforma invoice. Or for PV*SOL Premium and PV*SOL you can also order online now


SMA for PV*SOL Premium 2024

Extend software maintenance for 12 months


SMA for PV*SOL 2024

Extend software maintenance for 12 months


SMA for T*SOL 2023

Extend software maintenance for 12 months


SMA for GeoT*SOL 2024

Extend software maintenance for 12 months


All prices shown without tax and subject to change. Contact us for further information or for a Proforma to hold the price.

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