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Specialist software tools of the trade, for efficient consulting and sales of energy systems.

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The Eturnity software products include assisting PV sales companies with a digital sales process for their online customers. These products streamline end-user’s initial enquiries to completed quotations with minimal supervision.


There are two online products that can work separately or together:

  • Eturnity Solar Calculator application
  • Eturnity Solar Expert portal

The key benefits are:

  • Acquisition – The Eturnity Calculator can be customer-facing directly on your website or as an internal consultation tool with telephones and online chat to provide non-binding, fast, precise yield estimates and quotations.
  • Design – Module layout is visualised to help detail domestic and small commercial projects quickly and easily.
  • Consulting – Customers’ requirements are analysed, compared and displayed with details of the offer broken down in a clear, easy to understand way.
  • Sales – Manage closure of your sales efficiently from anywhere that has Internet access.

Eturnity's Products

Eturnity Solar Calculator

This is a suite of code that can be integrated directly into your company’s website. It incorporates the necessary functions and links that would otherwise require specialised programming such as integration to online mapping and yield simulation. Potential customers browse an intuitive interface from their own device and can find out more about their proposed photovoltaic system and storage possibilities online, as well as instantly receiving a cost estimate.

It guides customers in an understandable, intuitive way through the simulation of their photovoltaic system. Users can select and mark their own roof using high-resolution satellite maps. Local electricity tariffs, your company’s cost structure is considered in the cost estimate. The calculator be adapted to your company’s design and can be consistent with your brand.

Potential customers will receive the data output directly on-screen or as a PDF by e-mail on request and you the installer get a copy of that to act upon as you see fit. The calculator assumes various roles in the initial consultation and shows, among other things, what effects the subsequent installation of a battery has on the PV system as well as the number of modules.

You can access the detailed data of the Eturnity Solar Calculator and use it in your systems via an API connection. Better still also use Eturnity Solar Expert to manage the enquiries and offers even amongst a sales force.


Eturnity Solar Expert

This is an online portal accessed by you and your staff via your device browsers wherever they are. Detailed customer quotes are generated and can be exported in the company’s own design. All important information on the PV system and the associated storage solutions is oriented towards the end customer in a straightforward manner. All proposals ongoing and complete are shown in overview allowing even one person to manage a sales campaign.

The Eturnity Solar Expert visualises measures and plans your customer’s potential photovoltaic system. In addition to the roof covering with PV modules, other important information is also inputted and integrated into the quotation.

The portal offers a library of components which is equipped by default with products from many different manufacturers. You can expand the component library on your own and add your own purchase prices and margins. You are responsible for checking final configurations are electrically viable in other programs such as manufacturer’s portals or PV*SOL. Shading is not considered in detail, but the effect can be represented via a manual specific yield adjustment.

Various load profiles are stored which you can select based on the consumption of your customers. Individual load profiles can also be easily added if you want to make your analysis and advice even more precise for example, for commercial properties or apartment buildings. Electricity tariffs means that you can easily take the actual electricity costs of your customers into account in your consultations.

Both medium-sized and large companies now use a wide variety of applications, therefore, the Eturnity Solar Expert enables a connection via API or web service Zapier as a connecting link. For example, CRM systems such as Pipedrive can be linked to the Solar Expert even without programming knowledge, and this ultimately creates a central office in the company from many interfaces.

What are the overall advantages of using Eturnity’s sales solutions?

  • Time saving – Generate simulations, proposals and offers with just a few clicks.
  • Better advice – Direct and digital advice via your web portal.
  • Higher completion rates – Higher completion rates through efficient customer friendly processes.
  • Pre-filtering – Differentiation between customer enquiries leading to a sale or general interest.
  • Simulation – Use simple technical simulations to demonstrate to the customer how their project would work.
  • Sustainable work – Massively reduce your paper consumption.
  • Digitalisation – Run digitally and automatically – prepare offers, customer management, etc.
  • Customer management – Simple and clear management of your customers and their projects.
  • Data analytics – Analysis and contextual data that leads to even greater efficiency and planning.

The price of Eturnity products is made up of a one-off activation fee as well as an annual licence subscription. Training is included in this.

The calculator pricing depends in part on the required geographical coverage with a 50 km threshold to your business address. Also whether you require a detailed online quotation or a simple email to follow-up.

The Expert pricing varies according to the number of property consultations per year and your users. You can start simply and expand later.

If you are interested in identifying which Eturnity solution is most suitable for your business then please get in touch to arrange an initial, non-binding and free of charge consultation with a tailored quotation.

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