Our experienced teachers offer training options to suit your needs and budget: either in mixed-company sessions, through a tailored course at your offices or here in Machynlleth, or online.

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PV*SOL Training

*** In-person or online training***

Our training can help you get the most from your PV*SOL program. Make sure you're using the software to its full potential by learning every button and feature. Begin designing all kinds of solar PV projects without delay, and produce professional reports.

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In mixed company courses, you will learn how to:

Upcoming Mixed Company Online Training Courses:

In-person and online training

Online training means you may join from wherever you have a computer with good Internet connection. Contact us for details.
Software Course Dates Location
PV*SOL 12th September 2023 Online meeting with screen-sharing
PV*SOL premium 12th September and 14th September 2023 Online meeting with screen-sharing
Training can be undertaken in mixed-company sessions, at your own offices or online

By the end of a full course you will have learned how to customise solar PV systems to suit customers' specific requirements. You will be able to compare different components and configurations, offering your customers the most precise analysis.

By the end of a one-day group Q&A session you will have learned the answers to the most common and important questions.

You will have produced a professional client report with precise data and exciting graphics, including a photorealistic representation of a property with PV modules added. This will include an economic analysis report with a variety of outputs. We can also discuss your ongoing projects.

Take a look at our sample PV*SOL and PV*SOL premium course contents.

What you get from attending one of our full mixed company courses:

Our trainers have many years of experience in teaching PV*SOL and PV theory, as well as technical authoring in the renewable energy industry.

You may also be interested in our two supplementary courses, Shading and Solar Surveying and Key PV Concepts.

Key PV Concepts covers the foundational knowledge necessary to use PV*SOL, such as solar geometry; how inverters work; the area utilisation method for frame mounted systems and why shading matters.

Shading and Solar Surveying is a one-day practical course where you will get to grips with the MCS shading methodology and become confident in conducting other types of professional site surveys.


The course went really well and its great to see that The Solar Design Company is still offering PV training.

Stephen Barrett, Solarsense

The training was excellent as usual. There is always something new when Chris presents everything.

Mark Jackson, Active Building Centre

Really like your teaching style of 'top of the head' thought processing rather than the more stilted, planned animation style. Also very helpful seeing your appraoch to a live project.

Harry Holt, Imperium Engineering

The training was very useful and gave a good starting point in PV design.

Anna Godzinska, Axter

The Solar Design Company gave us a very comprehensive one day's training which cleared up all the areas of PV*SOL we needed clarifying. We are now proficient users of the software and are using it on a daily basis. Please pass our thanks to the trainer who was excellent.

Alastair Watts, Waldon Energy

The PV*SOL training was excellent; the course was well-structured and the presenter was obviously an expert in the tools used. I would recommend this training to anyone who uses or is thinking of using PV*SOL.