The Solar Design Company

Survey and Simulation Tools for PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps & Chimneys


We supply and support software & survey design tools for energy technologies such as photovoltaic, solar thermal and heat pump design. We also provide chimney flue calculators & climate database software.

Our business philosophy can be summarised as 'Don't just estimate: Survey, Design and Simulate'.

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The 3D design program for simulating photovoltaic performance.

The 2D design program for grid-connected photovoltaic systems..

The professional simulation program for the design and planning of solar thermal systems.

The professional, easy-to-use program for modelling and comparing heat pump systems.


PIXPRO professional photogrammetry for everyone. Measure easily in 3D.


The professional software package for chimney calculations in accordance with BS EN13384.


The complete software solution for planning, designing, optimising and engineering ground-mounted utility-scale photovoltaic plants.


Specialist trade software for efficient selling to the end-user.

Meteonorm contains a database with climate data from 8,300 stations around the world.