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Specialised tools are often needed on sites to provide software input data of sufficient quality.

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Suunto MC-2G Sighting Mirror Compass

Suunto MC-2G Sighting Mirror Compass

A top of the range compass with built-in inclinometer, useful for calculating azimuths and plotting sun-path diagrams. It can also be used to measure the slopes of roofs and the dimensions of shading objects. It requires no batteries and is easy to use.

What is it?

Suunto's top-of-the-line Navigator MC-2G compass is affordable, handy and simple to use. It includes an additional sighting hole for superior bearing accuracy, a luminous bezel and an adjustable declination correction scale. It also works in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Each base-plate features anti-slip rubber pads, an inch scale, 1:24,000 map scale, 1:62,500 map scale, a round magnifying lens and a red nylon lanyard.

to determine bearing and measure gradients and altitudes

What is it for?

The Suunto MC-2G can be used to determine bearing and measure gradients and altitudes. These are vital considerations when calculating azimuths, shading and slopes.

These measurements can then be plotted into design simulation software such as PV*SOL.

The Suunto MC-2G also includes a built-in inclinometer. As with the other inclinometers, it requires no batteries. The tool's primary function is a high quality compass which incorporates a simple inclinometer. For higher accuracy and safer remote or repeated use then a specialist inclinometer such as the Suunto PM-5 & Tandem, the Fisco Solatronic EN 17 will be preferable.


Suunto MC-2 Global Pro


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