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Fisco Solatronic EN 17 Inclinometer

Fisco Solatronic EN 17 Inclinometer

The Fisco Solatronic inclinometer is a useful instrument for measuring angles and gradients. It is perfect for measuring roof pitches where access is not a problem, will give you highly accurate measurements, and is incredibly easy to use.

What is it?

When designing solar panel systems it is essential to gather accurate measurements of slopes. Precise shading calculations are also vital. By helping to fulfil these tasks the inclinometer will allow you to optimise solar energy performance for each location.

accurate measuring of angles and gradients

What is it for?

The Fisco Solatronic digital inclinometer allows for the accurate measuring of angles and gradients in 0.1 increments, in either degrees (from 0° to 360°) or as a percentage.

It can be placed against internal roof timbers or on the tiled roof itself. This will give an instant slope reading for precise gradient measurements. The 'hold' button will maintain measured values and allow the display to be read away from the job.

Measurements can be easily input into simulation software such as PV*SOL. The unit can be self-calibrated with the user programming.


Fisco Solatronic EN 17


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