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Simulation software is the ideal design tool, making accurate predictions easy. Give customers the best return on their investment by visualising systems and creating professional reports.

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T*SOL is the professional simulation program for the design and planning of solar thermal systems. Simulate the full range of systems and components with swimming pool and large system modules included.

Download your free demo or Buy Online Now System Requirements

T*SOL now comes with the new PhotoPlan option. With just a photo of the roof and a few reference dimensions you can create a photorealistic representation of the property as it would look with installed panels. These can be included in customer reports, gaining you competitive advantage, and offer a useful tool for the design process in deciding where panels should best be placed.

PhotoPlan for T*SOL T*SOL system

T*SOL features:

  • The full range of systems
  • Full hot water definition
  • The full range of collector brands
  • The option to add custom collectors
  • Annual, monthly and hourly simulation
  • Multiple graphic options plotted to an hourly resolution
  • The full database of climate files, plus the option to add custom data
  • Detailed and fully customisable customer reports with precise graphics and data
  • The ability to analyse shading
  • Metric or USA units
  • Free included modules:

T*SOL enables you to define outputs, costs, performance indicators and CO2 savings for a wide range of variables and optimise solar thermal performance.

Design professional client reports

Design professional client reports with two styles of data presentation. The Summary Report produces precise graphical representations of solar fraction, collector temperature and heat transfer, while the Detailed Project Report allows access to all data and variables, meaning any decision can be instantly explained on request.

Both reports are simple to brand and fully customisable, allowing users to choose exactly how much information they want to present. Reports can be saved as PDFs or Word documents or sent out as an email attachment.

T*SOL system

Three new installation systems allow for implementation of two independent collector fields, such as with East West systems.

Shadowing is easier than ever to model with the improved Shade Editor, which can now account – for example – for high-level shade façade-integrated collectors. The programme can now also determine the minimum distance between collectors mounted in rows.

T*SOL now comes with Meteosyn climate data software free of charge. This comes pre-loaded with over 2000 global climate data locations and allows you to add custom climate data into your database as required.