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Specialised tools are often needed on sites to provide software input data of sufficient quality.

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PanoramaMaster (We no longer sell this product)

A tripod bracket that allows cameras with a threaded mount to acquire a panorama landscape. Use with HorizON software (separate purchase) to then create digital horizon automatically overlaid with sunpaths. The resulting skyline can be exported to simulation software such as PV*SOL & T*SOL.

This product is no longer necessary if you have a digital camera with a panorama function. Hence we no longer sell this item.

What are they?

The PanoramaMaster tripod bracket and software (separate purchase) digitises landscapes for accurate shading analyses. Used with your own camera and tripod, the adaptor bracket allows you to take aligned panoramic images.

Using HorizON software (separate purchase) you can then stitch these images together and digitise your landscape with ease. Sunpath lines and a horizon will be automatically overlaid, and the resulting skyline can be exported to simulation software such as PV*SOL & T*SOL.

What are they for?

Shading can have a major impact on solar thermal or PV performance and efficiency of solar systems. It is therefore vital to integrate a shading calculation into simulations for accurate estimates of energy yields. These tools will allow you to quickly record and analyse your shading risks.


What do they do?

Produce aligned panoramic views with the bracket, a compass, and your own digital camera.

Stitch the overlapping images together with the software and create a 360° panoramic view with a few mouse clicks. For each 360° view, the shading outline is automatically calculated and sunpaths are overlaid.

Import the skyline into PV*SOL, T*SOL and MeteoNorm for accurate shading calculations.

What are the key features and benefits?

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and sturdy bracket
  • Turns in 20° increments
  • Bracket will attaches to a standard tripod head and can be used with any basic camera with a ¼ inch screw thread mount hole
  • Swiss engineered
  • Software will create panoramic views by stitching together your on-site photos
  • Automatic creation of horizon and shading line
  • Automatic overlay of location-specific sunpaths
  • Exports to PV*SOL, T*SOL, MeteoNorm

What else do I need?

You will need HorizON software to be able to digitally 'stitch' the photographs, the sunpaths and shading outline.

PanoramaMaster  shading line
PanoramaMaster 3D shading line

PanoramaMaster bracket only


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