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PV*SOL Training  

Our training can help you get the most from PV*SOL Expert, PV*SOL advanced & PV*SOL basic. Make sure you're using your software to its full potential by learning every button and feature. Begin designing all kinds of solar PV projects without delay, and produce professional customer reports.

To book a course contact the team:
Tel: 0845 519 7914 (local-rate)
Email: software@solardesign.co.uk

Training can be undertaken face-to-face or online.

Face-to-face courses or Online training

You will be shown how to:

  • Use 'Quick Design'.
  • Work through the databases and the main technical dialogues.
  • Compare PV modules, inverters and configurations.
  • Design using multiple inverters and arrays.
  • Include shading and understand its impact.
  • Run simulations.
  • Perform accurate economic analyses including using the UK FiTs.
  • Use PhotoPlan.
  • Make changes needed to optimise configurations.
  • (Expert only) Design systems in 3D.

Upcoming Training Courses:

Software Course Dates Location
PV*SOL advanced Wednesday 14th May 2014 Machynlleth (mid-Wales)
PV*SOL Expert Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th May 2014 Machynlleth (mid-Wales)

By the end of the course you will have learned how to customise solar PV systems to suit customers' specific requirements. You will be able to compare different components and configurations, offering your customers the most precise level of analysis.

You will have produced a professional client report with precise data and exciting graphics, including a photorealistic representation of a property with PV modules added. This will include an economic analysis report with a variety of outputs.

The PV*SOL advanced course is one day in duration. The Expert course spans two days, sharing its first day with the advanced course.

You can also take a look at our PV*SOL advanced and PV*SOL Expert course contents.

What you get from attending one of our courses:

  • A certificate from The Solar Design Company.
  • A Solar Design Company USB with useful documents relating to the course and space to save your projects made on the day.
  • Full fluency in using the software, from start to finish.
  • Refreshments and lunch.
  • Small class sizes (maximum 8).

Courses are run in mid-Wales (Machynlleth) or can be run at your offices exclusively for your company. Alternatively you can book an online training course to become a PV*SOL software specialist from the comfort of your office chair.

You may also be interested in our two complementary courses, MCS Shading and Solar Surveying and Key PV Concepts.

Key PV Concepts covers the foundational knowledge necessary to use PV*SOL, such as solar geometry; how inverters work; the area utilisation method for frame mounted systems and why shading matters.

MCS Shading and Solar Surveying is a one-day practical course where you will get to grips with the MCS shading methodology and become confident in conducting site surveys.

PVSOL Training Courses UK

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